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W3R3ON3, AKA Gelson D. Lemus is a Guatemalan-born resident of Houston, TX who began creating art work at a young age. His art journey really took off in the late 90's when he was introduced to graffiti culture which has shaped his path from a graffiti artist to what he has now become, a self-taught "muralista" (muralist).

Throughout the years, W3R3ON3 has developed techniques that have helped him create his unique style of painting that has placed him as a professional muralist among the best in his category. 

Feel free to browse and explore the mind of a muralista, W3R3ON3. 

Fact: The 3's characters represent my internal conflicts. I incorporate them into my pieces as often as possible because they are a reminder of the struggles I've gone through as well as the lesson's I've learned.  

Fact: The character with the wooden spray paint tip is a self-reflection of trying to overcome the obstacles of life represented by the number 3's.

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